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WonderLeaf, like a fine wine, an aged scotch or a craft beer, is a small batch, artisanal line of raw, uncut CO2 products.

Our commitment to our product is paralleled only by our commitment to our relationships with our customers, employees, and our industry. We make sure your expectations are met, and then exceeded. Collaborating with experts, customers, and consumers alike, we design marijuana-based products that drive the industry forward.

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The National Cannabis Industry Association came by to interview some of the WonderLeaf team! Check out our national spotlight on their website! 
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Are you confused about what's really going into your cannabis oil? Don't be! Here at WonderLeaf we like to keep our oil uncut, pure, and strain specific.

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WonderLeaf syringes, cartridges, and disposable vape pens are high-quality, and make for the perfect smoke session. Jump on the bandwagon and start smoking WonderLeaf today!

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Want to sport some WonderLeaf swag around town? We are offering discounted empty catridges and t-shirts! Get them before we sell out!
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Exceeding Your Expectations, The WonderLeaf Way

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High-Quality WonderLeaf oil packed into an easy-to-use Twistspenser. Refill a cartridge, or dab straight from the metal tip!


Available in Basic and Premium

We use beverage-grade CO2 extraction to control terpene levels and prevent cannabinoid deactivation. The result is the cleanest, purest product possible!

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The Story Behind Who We Are

"Our goal is simple, create a product you would feel comfortable smoking with your mom"

WonderLeaf is a family-founded company that got it's start in 2015. Our initial goal was to create concentrates; what we wound up with was so much more. Through teamwork and R&D, we were able to create raw, uncut, and strain-specific oil without needing to winterize or distill during any point in our process.

Due to our unique, proprietary extraction process, we never need to use any cuts or additives. The only thing that ever touches our pen and syringe oils are the CO2 that we use to extract them. We reintroduce the terpenes from the strain being extracted to give each strain it's unique and authentic flavor and effect. 

Hours of Operation


Mon - Fri: 10am - 5pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

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