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Let's teach you all about our process!


raw, Pure, uncut 

Co2 extraction

WonderLeaf sets itself apart from the pack by producing a high quality, raw and uncut line of products. we are unique in this aspect, as most producers sell a distilled version of cannabis oil that is infused with either native cannabis terpenes or botanical terpenes. This distillation process boosts THC levels, but leaves the vast majority of other cannabinoids behind. WonderLeaf oils, on the other hand, not only taste like the strains that they are extracted from; but they have the same effects too, due to the preservation of the cannabinoids that provide the entourage effect.



No carriers - Many companies still persist in using surfactants like Propylene Glycol, fractionated coconut oil, and synthetic terpenes to alter the consistency of their products; whereas the only non-cannabis product to touch any WonderLeaf oil is the CO2 that we use to extract it. Consumers can be confident that WonderLeaf provides a product that most closely replicates the experience of smoking a concentrated cannabis flower.

What is Co2 extraction? - CO2 extraction is a process that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired Product (such as hemp) from a plant. CO2 at certain temperatures and pressures acts like a solvent, without the dangers of actually being one. It is the most expensive extraction method, and is widely considered the most effective and safest plant extraction method in the world.

We have never used PG, VG, MCT, Vitamin E, or any other additive, and we never will!